When We Say Sustainable, We Mean It.

We’re excited to see “sustainability” and “green” become buzzwords that everyone is using. Sure, when some people use these words, it’s just rhetoric, but to us, it reinforces the way we’ve been practicing for years. Being good shepherds to the environment means conserving resources, saving energy, and making smart and holistic decisions for our owners and end users. Our holistic, integrative approach to design improves health, saves energy, lowers utility costs, and maintains a balanced relationship with the natural and social environment. We practice sustainable design because it is a core concept in making a difference in people’s lives.

   Guilford Day Resource Center

Guilford is one of our newest design communities.  It features the following LEED for Home innovative design elements:

  • Located within 1/4 mile of 4 basic community transit resources
  • 90% vegetative landscaping
  • Material efficient framing
  • 90% hard surface flooring
  • Low Flow plumbing and high efficiency fixtures
  • Efficient hot water distribution system
  • Carbon Monoxide monitors on all floors
  • Continuous outdoor air ventilation
  • Radon resistant construction
  • Energy Star windows and appliances
  • Click on Guilford's Featured Project page below for more details

Green Communities Experts

We are one of the few Green Communities Charrette Facilitators in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We have not one, but two certified facilitators on staff. As one of the first Technical Assistance Providers in the nation for Enterprise Green Communities we leverage our sustainable design experience for your project. That means we offer a full-service and holistic approach to sustainable architecture without a learning curve or need for outside expertise.

We have the sustainable design experience to guide you in establishing:

  • Tax credit opportunities
  • Energy targets
  • Engineering solutions
  • Social and health implications
  • Full LEED Design and Certification

Our LEED Accredited Staff will show you the way

Over the years, we’ve worked with lots of green building rating systems. As a result of this experience, we know how to help you navigate the various jurisdictions and different systems involved. More importantly, we know how to accomplish while maintaining your budget.