Michael A. Wiencek, Jr.


Principal - President

Michael Wiencek has a passion for making change in people’s lives. He founded Wiencek + Associates on that very principle, along with a mission to create an environment in which other architects could be both nurtured and challenged.

Michael’s enthusiasm for transforming lives has made Wiencek + Associates the premier architecture firm in community revitalization and socially-conscious design. His designs focus on the greater community, and he is always mindful of the needs of the people his firm serves.

“In our housing projects, many of our residents have lived in sub-standard housing all their lives. The children who occupy these spaces often live in conditions no one should have to live in. When we complete a project, our designs become a home and a community that the residents identify with in a positive manner. I believe this phenomenon transforms lives. It’s what keeps me coming to work each day.”
— Michael A. Wiencek, Jr.

Today, Michael works diligently to maintain the quality of the firm’s work in an effort to ensure that Wiencek + Associates lives up to its reputation. While he maintains a strict focus on the firm’s design deliverables, he also works hard to ensure that his employees take ownership of their work and remain creatively fulfilled.

Prior to founding Wiencek + Associates, Michael worked at Harry Weiss & Associates, as well as at Grimm + Parker Architects. At Harry Weiss, Michael was responsible for the Chicago Light Rail and the Federal Triangle project (which became The Ronald Regan Building). While at Grimm Parker, Michael specialized in the renovation and reconstruction of multifamily housing projects in Maryland and Virginia.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in urban design and a Bachelor of Architecture, both from the University of Maryland.