There is a powerful, tangible perspective at Wiencek + Associates that drives our approach to design: Respect. Good architecture inspires humanity’s best traits, so we treat every community, site, client and end-user of a building with the respect they deserve.

Listening To Clients, End Users and Their Needs

We diligently listen to your needs and apply our design talents to solve challenges and create the absolute best outcome for your project.

Our socially (and environmentally) conscious staff enjoy creating projects that improve the lives of our clients and end users. After all, we're not just designing buildings, we're transforming communities and neighborhoods.

How We Transform Neighborhoods

The quality of a building, place or space has the power to improve one’s psyche and self-perception. This phenomenon cultivates pride in family, neighbors and communities. We are active proponents of using design to empower residents and improve the social framework. We’re making neighborhoods holistically sustainable, one by one.

Regenerating The Fabric Of Your Community.
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